HTC EVO Shift 4G Locked Out?

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[Problems:Forget unlock pattern]

If you can not remember your unlock pattern or some one else have entered wrong “Unlock pattern” many times. stuck at the “Too Many Pattern Attempts” screen? You are Locked Out!

Now first you can try the Google Account that is set to sync with your Phone when you very first turned it on. If you forget the Login in detail or the device refuse to accept your “Correct Log in”, You are locked Out but you are not “bricked”!
with “too many pattern attempts“.

Power off and power on again,Removing your battery will not solve this problem
Hard reset many solve this, but it will erase all your Data, including apps download.

Now you can try to:

Enter your email address in to the device
In the password field enter “null” without the speech marks.
You will then be prompted to enter a new pattern and once again you have your phone back in action with all data intact.

If this does not works, you can try the ADB tools Now.

if you have previously enabled the USB Debugging (Settings -> Application -> Development -> USB Debugging)

1) Download the ADB SDK tools and Install it On your PC
2) Have the HTC Sync Install first, this ensure the proper USB Driver installed on your PC
3) Plug your phone in to your computer
4) Open command line and navigate to the SDK tools folder /tools or /platform-tools, which has the “ADB.exe”
5) Input “ADB Devices” to check if your Phone is set. (USB debugging is enabled or not, you can find your device list)
6) Runs “adb –d shell” now follow the guide below:

reboot your HTC EVO Shieft 4G, now, the pattern lock should be gone.

If you have not enabled the “USB debugging” mode, now the “Hard reset your HTC EVO Shieft 4G” is the Solution:

1) Power off your HTC EVO Shift 4G,
2) press and hold the volume button down,and then press the Power
3) device’s display turns on, release the volume button.
4) use the volume button to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press

Now you will get your HTC EVO Shift 4G to its factory default settings, the state before you turned on the device for the first time.

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