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Does Samsung captivate have signature for text messages? how to add text message signature on AT & T Samsung capitivate? how can i put a signature for text messaging on a Samsung captivate? All of these are Frequently Asked Questions by AT & T Samsung captivate owners!

The default text messaging app that is included with the AT & T Samsung captivate smartphone doesn’t support automatic text message signatures! However, You can choose a 3rd Party Android App to add text message signature!

Handcent for Android is my advise. You can download and install Handcent from the Android Market to set up Samsung captivate text message signature!

Get Handcent android Apps Apks here

How to use Handcent apps to add text message signature:

whenever you download and installd the Handcent, open the Apps.
1.Tap the Menu,
2.Press for settings
3.Scroll down and select Send message settings.
4.Check the Enable signature box.
5.Tap Personal signature. type in the text you want to used for your text message signature!

and now all the messages you send from your Samsung captivate will have the signature as long as you use Handcent to send them.

You may try the “GO SMS” if you prefer a less size application, download and install “Go SMS”

how to use Go SMS to add Samsung captivate text message signature

Open Go SMS, Press Menu,and then settings
Press “Send Settings” and then check to enable “Personal Signature”, touch “Signature content” to set up your signature texts.

Another application is [Chomp SMS], This application can be moved to the SD Card. [means you can running this chompSMS from SD card]

how to use Chomp SMS to add Samsung captivate text message signature
1. download and install the Chomp SMS from Android Market
2. open Chomp SMS Apps.
3. Press ‘Menu’
4. Press ‘settings’
5. Scroll down and press Miscellaneous
6. Touch ‘Signature’ and type in the signature text.

All of the above three android apps have more features rather than “text message signature”. please check our [Apps Reviews: Using Handcent sms], [Apps Reviews: using Go SMS] and [Apps Review: using chompSMS]

if you want to share once location information as signature to the standard SMS, you can use “Geo Message” Application.

if you want to include with a digital signature with your Email Message, check here for guides.

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