How to Play RM Video Files on Android SmartPhone

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Not All Android smart phone support the Real Player Video Files that has a extension like “RM” “RAM” “RMVB”, you may ask how to play Real Player Videos on your New Android Device.

In recent, I bought the galaxy tab and want to watch a download RM Video on It, I am not sure if the galaxy tab itself support Real player Video files. At first, I thought I need a Free Video Converter software to convert the RM Files to MP4 Video. But most of the video converter software is Not Free, So I give up this idea.

I found a 3rd party “Android Apps” which is named as “Rock Player”-Android Platform Real Player Video decoder. It is said that this “Rock Player” Video player Application can play RM Files on Android OS Smart phone. Download and Install the Rock Player on my Galaxy Tab, It works. I am not sure if it works well on other Android Device Yet.

The RockPlayer Apps Apk is Free (Ads Sponsored), you can downloat it from Android Market. or you can download the Apks files direct from the developer website here, Save it On your PC and transfer it to your Android Device to install it, Or you can use your mobile to visit ““!

I download the RockPlayer Ver1.5.5,When you run the applications, you have two option, i suggest you to use the Software Decoding Option, that may enhance the Video Quality!

For your information, you can download the RockPlayer Ver1.5 Apps Apk from

If you want to know how to install Android Apps Apk from Computer to Android smart phone., check here

Enjoy Your RM Video On Galaxy Tab, Android Smart Phone!

[update] The Rocker Player has a better performance than the official real player. The rock player’s software decoding option enhance the Video quality!!

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