Android Tips: How to make a screen copy

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Android tips: how to take Screenshot?

want to Capture a Screen Shot on your android device? how do you do the copy screen thing on android device?

I noticed that i need to take a screen shot of SMS message and shared with another friend. It is easy to copy screen things on PC. But how i can take screen shot on my galaxy tab? The android galaxy tab dose not features this.

The good news is that you can use one 3rd party application to do the copy screen things. The application is named as “screenshot”, now you can download this application apk files from links here!

You need to have a root access to use this application. And all the screen shoot images are stored in SDcard.

if you want to know how to root your android device, check here for the guide! if you are new to android and want to check if your android device is rooted or not.

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