Android Tips: how to arrange menu apps icon

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How to arrange the apps menu icons, how to move apps icons to another page,

You may found your application is too huge. if you want to remove or arrange the application icons on your Application menu, here it is your step by step guide to arrange icons on application menu:

Remove Application

Remove the application menu will delete the application installed, you can choose to Uninstall Applications by:

Go Home–>Menu–>Settings–>select Applications –> manage applications–>

Now you will see a list of installed application – click the application you want to remove

click the Uninstall button to remove.

Removing Galaxy Tab Apps from the Applications Menu

You can also Go Home-Application–>Press Menu –> Click Edit.

you will see the list of application, if the apps icon with a minus sign, you can remove that apps by touching the “Minus sign”.
touch OK to confirm the deletes, (Notes, this delete or remove apps from your device, not only remove icons)

Touch Menu again, click save to save the changes

if you want to move application icons to another screen:
Home–>Application–>Menu–>Edit–> Touch and Hold the Icon you want to move

Now you can drag the icons around wherever you want them and the other will shift around to fit. You can move the app icon to another page by holding it to the extreme right or left until the page changes and then drop the app icon where you want it to be.

after this, press menu again to save the changes.

if you want to move apps to Home Screen
Go Application, Press the Hold the icons for seconds, the icon will move to home screen!


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  1. what will i do if i want to make this arrangement fixed?

    because every time i power off my phone ,once it open the application menu will be shuffled again!
    and so i have to re arrange it again…T_T
    help me please…

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